Connecting to Chemistryfs3 (or another server) in Linux

This guide assumes a small but significant understanding of Linux operations and commands. The process of connecting to file servers varies greatly between distributions of Linux and on the desktop environment that is running. The basics of connecting will be detailed, but the specifics of connecting for each combination is not documentable. If you need help, you can email comphelp or stop by the comphelp office.

If you are using wifi, make sure to start WiscVPN. Instructions can be found here.

Printing to the Copy Center printers in Linux

Installing the Client

1. If you're using wifi, install and start wiscvpn using instructions here:

2. Create the folder path '/usr/local/papercut/client'

3. Open your file browser and type 'smb://' into the address bar.

4. Copy all the files in the 'pcclient/linux/' folder into your newly created folder. You will need to make the '' file executable.

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