Searching User Directories

The procedure for setting up directories is layed out on this page. The links below will take you to specific sections of the page.


Adding Chemistry Directory in Thunderbird

In the top corner of Thunderbird, click on the three parallel horizontal lines to open the menu.
Hover over the option for 'Preferences' and select 'Preferences' on the popup menu.

In the new window, Click on the 'Composition' tab and the 'Addressing' sub-category.
Click the button labeled 'Edit Directories...'.

Click the 'Add' button.

Fill in the 'Name', 'Hostname', and 'Base DN' textboxes.
The name field is up to you, but the 'Hostname' field must contain and the 'Base DN' field must contain ou=People,ou=core,dc=chem,dc=wisc,dc=edu.
Click 'OK' to continue.

In order to search the directory, click on the 'Address Book' button on the main menu bar.

Start typing a name or email address into the search bar and your results will update in the window.



Adding Chemistry Directory in Outlook

While in Outlook, click the 'File' menu button.

Click on the square 'Account Settings' button, and again on the 'Account Settings...' button in the drop-down list.

Click on the 'Address Books' tab and then on the 'New...' button.

Make sure the radio button for 'Internet Directory Service' is selected, and click 'Next'.

Enter the 'Server Name' of and click 'More Settings ...'.
A popup will tell you that Outlook needs to be restarted before the directory works, you can dismiss this message and continue.

Switch to the 'Custom' option under 'Search Base' and enter ou=People,ou=core,dc=chem,dc=wisc,dc=edu.
Also check the box to 'Enable Browsing'. Finally Click 'OK'.

Click 'Finish' and close all windows that were created. Make sure to close Outlook as well.

After restarting Outlook, click on the 'Address Book' button on the main 'Home' tab.

Change the 'Address Book' to the '' option and click the 'Advanced Find' link.

Enter any search parameters you would like. The example below uses only a 'First name', but 'Last name' and 'Email' may serve your needs better.

After clicking 'OK', any matching results will show up in the window as shown below.



Adding the UW Directory

Instructions for setting up the University Address Book on your local machine can be found below:

Thunderbird: (Win) (Mac)