Renewing Chemdraw license

License Renewal Information:

For your currently installed Chemdraw Std to continue working, the license needs renewal (reactivated) once a year. Activation will be required for individuals who choose to install the Chemdraw Std software for home, office or personal user. Follow the instructions below to reactivate your Chemdraw. 

If you already have have the software, and just need the key, go to the following link and fill out your email (if you need the software too, just continue to the download page by hitting "continue" after entering your email). Use your or email address.  If you don't already have an account you may have to create one. You only need to hit continue after entering your email if you also need to download the software:

The last link will generate a new key for the account that was setup with the email that was entered.  They say a key will be emailed to you, but this has not worked, so you will have to go to the following link to find your keys:   You should login with the account you just created or already had.  

Once you have the key you need to put it into chemdraw.  Inside the software go to Help -> Activate Chemdraw to activate your software. The easiest way to activate is over the Internet