Installing X-Win32 for X11 Forwarding

Important Notice!

UW Chemistry no longer keeps a liscense for X-Win32. Please see


Here are the basics of downloading, installing, and running XWin.

Start by going to this URL (use your Chemistry username & password):

and then to this link to get the license key:

You can use that license key at the below link to download Xwin32. (You will have to activate it, though.  Instructions below.)


Enter license key and click Submit.

Download the selected version (2012 w/ SSH)

We now run on a license server, so you will need to also do the following once it is installed:

Right-click the system tray icon for X-Win32, choose the Help menu and Activate License

  • In the License Activation Dialog Drop Down Menu, choose License Server
  • Enter the hostname ( and port number (5053) in the relevant fields

Start the program; the configuration wizard should appear.

Select "manual."

Enter the connection information for the server.  Hostname will be similar to:  "," or ""  Command will be the program you wish to run -- in this example, Mathematica is the program we are running. When connecting to phoenix, the command option should not be used.  The login and password fields will be your Chemistry username/password (same as email).  Be sure to enter the command "xterm -ls" into the command box in order that all programs work correctly. Save the connection.

Select your newly-made connection, and click launch.