Chemistry Network

Connecting to the Chemistry Network

Wired Connections

Plugging your computers into the data jacks on the wall will provide the fastest connection for you. Each office in the Chemistry building will have a data jack in it. You should be able to plug in to any of these jacks and you will receive an IP address and be on the network. If you need an ethernet cable, please stop by 9305/9311 and we can provide you with one. If you are having problems connecting to the internet, please come up with the data jack number of where you are trying to plug into.

Wireless Connections

The chemistry building is covered with 137 wireless access points for completely building coverage. The SSID for this network is UWNet and is the only wireless network that you should trust. In order to connect to the wireless network, you need to browse to a website and you will then be asked to log in with your UW NetID.  To access certain servers or software on our Chemistry network, you may also need to run WiscVPN. You can find instructions here. If you already have the Cisco VPN client installed, follow these instructions for connecting.