Between hardware failures, and operator errors, data is often lost or corrupted and unrecoverable. Backing up your important data is critical, and CompHelp can assist you. We can provide continuous backups for any computer (whether it be Linux, Windows, or Mac) as well as conduct a one-time disk clone.


BackupPC is a fantastic backup service that CompHelp provides to many members of the Chemistry Department. For computers in the building and connected to the wired network, BackupPC backs up data every night. For users who have laptops, BackupPC will create a backup once the laptop is discovered on the network, even if the laptop isn't connected over night. All of this is done in the background - once BackupPC is configured, users never notice it running. BackupPC also provides e-mail notifications if your machine fails to backup properly for an extended period of time. BackupPC also provides a very simple user inteface for users who want to retrieve their information independently of CompHelp. BackupPC is only offered to groups who have purchased disk space on a backup server or a backup server of their own.

If your computer is already set up with BackupPC and you would like another folder to be backed up, follow the instructions here.

Disk Cloning

Disk cloning is an ideal method to make an absolutely identical copy of a drive one time. Because the clone is identical, you could use it in place of an older hard drive without having any downtime (other than the time it takes to make a clone and physically install the drive. Disk cloning is also useful if you have more than one computer (of the same model) and you want all of them to have identical settings, programs, documents, etc. CompHelp can create these clones for you, but if you are feeling adventurous, you can try using CloneZilla.