Adding a folder to backup server in OSX

First, browse to the appropriate backup server.

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The page should read "BackupPC is over here" - click 'here.' You will then be prompted for a user name and password; use your chemistry e-mail account credentials. Most, but not all users are set up to browse their own backups. If you cannot access BackupPC, call, e-mail, or stop by 9311a and one of the friendly CompHelp technicians will assist you.

Assuming you successfully logged in to BackupPC, click on the drop down menu in the list.

As a Mac user, your computer will be identified by its IP address rather than its name. You will have to have us set up a static IP address for your computer. If you need help determining your IP address, see this page. Once you've selected your computer and the page refreshes, click "Edit Config" in the upper left pane.

In the new page, click the "Xfer" tab. Next, in the row labeled "RsyncShareName," click the Add button. This will create a new field in the RsyncShareName row. Type in the full path to the folder that you want backed up, e.g. your desktop would be /Users/username/Desktop.

Keep in mind that if you enter a file path incorrectly, that folder will not be backed up. Additionally, the other folders may also stop backing up. After adding new folders to the backup, be sure to test the new configuration by starting a full backup from the main host screen. If it fails, try removing the folder you added or contact a friendly CompHelp technician so that it can be fixed.