Installing VcXsrv and PuTTY

Installing VcXsrv

Navigate your favorite browser to

Click the large green button. You will now be directed to a new page and the installer will be downloaded. If prompted, either "Save and Run" the file or just "Save File". This selection will depend on your browser.

Find this new installer and run it.

Allow the program to make changes to your computer.

Select "Next" followed by "Install". After installation, select "Finish".

VcXsrv should now download.

Installing PuTTY

Navigate your browser to

Check the box next to "PuTTY" and select "Get Your Ninite".

A custom installer should be downloaded. Run it.

Configuring your settings

Run PuTTY. Your window should look like the one below.

Navigate to X11 located at Connection/SSH/Auth/X11 in the left menu. Check the box to "Enable X11 forwarding".

Move back to the session menu, enter a host name and run the applicaiton.

Note: Open PuTTY first, then run the VcXsrv program. Now use your PuTTY terminal to get about your X11 buisiness.

Congratulaitons! You should now have everything you need to use an X server.